5 Tips For Working Out As A Parent

Get up at 5:30. Work a full day. Ride the bus home. Give the kids a hug. Set the table. Eat dinner. Play with the kids. Have a famous (infamous?) Armstrong dance party. Go through the bedtime routine. Pray that this is an easy night. Kids finally fall asleep. Then…. it’s 9:00 (or later, on a bad night) and I have to make some decisions. Do I head downstairs and plop on the couch to watch some TV and finally unwind from the day? Do I play some video games to escape for a while? Do I do some writing to chase my creative outlet? Or do I somehow muster the energy, after being awake, moving, working, and parenting for the last 16 hours, to work out?

I think that’s one of the things that non-parents don’t understand. Once you build your life around your children, it becomes harder and harder to make time for yourself. We all know we NEED to, but in the scenario I described at the beginning of this post, when would you suggest I workout? There are two obvious choices: either in the evening after 9 PM, or get up earlier. But neither of those are ideal, so what’s a parent to do?

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Isn’t Perfect, But It’s An Important Step Forward

I came to an abrupt stop after walking for what seemed like miles. I’d managed to make my way through an endless combination of marshland, prairie fields, and forests. I fought my way through bandits, drowners, and big, nasty, flying things. But now, after nearly 100 hours of in-game time spent exploring the Northern Kingdoms (and only scratching the surface) I stood looking out over an embankment that led down to a sandy beach. Beyond the beach was what looked like miles and miles of ocean. The edge of the map, probably. But I knew better. Beyond the horizon lay a beautiful array of islands known as Skellige, and another 100 hours of exploration awaited me.

My adventure had barely just begun.

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E3 Interviews – Submit Your Questions!



So I’ll be crashing this year as a member of the Inquisitr news team. As of now I have many interviews set up, some of which I cannot announce the game (obviously).

However, I can mention which companies I’ll be speaking to, so if you have any questions about a possible game in their library, shoot us your question in an email to gamingtheindustry@gmail.com with the subject heading “E3 Interview Questions.”

Make sure to include your name and a Twitter/Facebook handle if you’d like a shoutout with the question, and obviously the question and company it’s for.


BloodY A4Tech (Peripheral maker)

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

Stoic Studios (Makers of The Banner Saga)

Square Enix

PC Gaming Show (Interview opportunities at the show)



EA (Battlefront team)

Activision (You can guess which game)

Bethesda (Tentative, not completely confirmed)

EA (Rest of game offerings)


Total War: Warhammer

Kingdom Come: Deliverance






As I said, hit us up on our email – gamingtheindustry@gmail.com with your questions! I’ll choose the best ones and ask the devs!



Welcome, ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, to Gaming The Industry dot com!

Bradford, Brian, and I are so stoked to bring you this godforsaken outlet from which to view even more musings from our very, very troubled minds.

Our podcast, Gaming The Industry, started out as an audio version of our texts. There are zero plans to change this. I love chatting with my friends and sharing our discussions with you all every week. So then, why create a website?

We realized that our podcast, as completely awesome and totally professional as it is, was simply not enough to get all of our thoughts out. After all, we need to take limitations into considerations, such as our listeners’ time.

So plans were put into motion during the epic Tawdry Ballz Pre-Union in February. Do we want to create a website? Is this something worth investing in? What type of content would we want to put there?

Well, ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, here is what you can expect on Gaming The Industry!

  • Our weekly podcast, Gaming The Industry, both in RSS form and embedded YouTube VOD
  • VOD livestreams from Bradford, Brian, and myself, Shank
  • Let’s Plays from Bradford, Brian, and myself
  • Random videos the 3 of us decide to unleash upon the world
  • And of course, articles and editorials from us three on various goings on in the industry

You’ll be able to check out each of our personal social presences by checking out the Contact Us page, as well as social links to follow Gaming The Industry on Twitter. Additionally, be sure to follow Brian, Bradford, and myself on Twitter.

Keep in mind, this is just the beginning. Please bear with us as we continue to add functionality to the site. So in a way, this site is in Early Access…except we’re not asking you to pay for it up front (zing).

In the meantime, follow us on Twitter to be sure to get all the latest updates on our site progress. Thanks guys, and we hope this website is just one more way you can interact with us and check out our content!