5 Tips For Working Out As A Parent

Get up at 5:30. Work a full day. Ride the bus home. Give the kids a hug. Set the table. Eat dinner. Play with the kids. Have a famous (infamous?) Armstrong dance party. Go through the bedtime routine. Pray that this is an easy night. Kids finally fall asleep. Then…. it’s 9:00 (or later, on a bad night) and I have to make some decisions. Do I head downstairs and plop on the couch to watch some TV and finally unwind from the day? Do I play some video games to escape for a while? Do I do some writing to chase my creative outlet? Or do I somehow muster the energy, after being awake, moving, working, and parenting for the last 16 hours, to work out?

I think that’s one of the things that non-parents don’t understand. Once you build your life around your children, it becomes harder and harder to make time for yourself. We all know we NEED to, but in the scenario I described at the beginning of this post, when would you suggest I workout? There are two obvious choices: either in the evening after 9 PM, or get up earlier. But neither of those are ideal, so what’s a parent to do?

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I shouldn’t like Shinedown.

Their first album was a hard rock masterpiece, but after that, it seemed like their albums began to incorporate a little more pop and a little less hard rock. I’ve been frustrated over the years when some promising bands appeared to be selling out rather than sticking true to their sound. But in the case of Shinedown, I am always excited for a new release – not because I’m hoping that they go back to a more hard rock style, but because I’m genuinely excited to see where they go next.

And in the case of Threat To Survival, it’s a modern-day hard rock master class.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Isn’t Perfect, But It’s An Important Step Forward

I came to an abrupt stop after walking for what seemed like miles. I’d managed to make my way through an endless combination of marshland, prairie fields, and forests. I fought my way through bandits, drowners, and big, nasty, flying things. But now, after nearly 100 hours of in-game time spent exploring the Northern Kingdoms (and only scratching the surface) I stood looking out over an embankment that led down to a sandy beach. Beyond the beach was what looked like miles and miles of ocean. The edge of the map, probably. But I knew better. Beyond the horizon lay a beautiful array of islands known as Skellige, and another 100 hours of exploration awaited me.

My adventure had barely just begun.

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